Unique News Magazine Coming to Cork

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May 21, 2018
My name is Joanna Dukkipati. I am extremely excited to start a quarterly magazine in Cork called 'Good Day'. The 1st issue will be out on 15th September 2018 and sold at a nominal price. 
This magazine is filled with local positive news stories. The mission is to optimise the kindness-level in the community. 

Good Day is determined to offer the reader a nourishing experience. Those who are nourished are definitely going to be kinder to themselves and therefore to others. And let's face it there can never be enough kindness and empathy going around. It will be sold via print and online subscription. 

This is a unique magazine to be published in Cork and has a range of advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Advertising with Good News means supporting a kinder community, increasing empathy amoung people and improving community mental health. Please feel free to send in your queries regarding advertising opportunities to info.gooddaynews@gmail.com 
Joanna Dukkipati, Founder