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September 26, 2018

Spearline is delighted to announce a three year partnership with Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland (AADI). Spearline’s software solution Spearline Data Protection will be used by Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland to manage and demonstrate their entire General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance programme.

Ciara Lucy, Managing Director of Spearline met with Nuala Geraghty, CEO of AADI and Cherie Tyner,  Communications, PR and Corporate Partnerships Manager for AADI to officially launch the partnership in Cork this week.

John Considine, Chairperson to the Board of Directors of Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland says “Data Protection is one of the foremost concerns in the running of a charity. The charity sector is an industry which processes a large amount of sensitive personal data - both that of our clients as well as details of our sponsors and donors. We are dedicated to protecting this information and ensuring that we take every possible measure to avoid a breach. Reputation and trust are paramount for charities and we want to demonstrate to our supporters that we are invested in good governance around data protection.”

Ciara Lucy, Managing Director of Spearline says “Spearline is proud to work with Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland as a charity partner. We are familiar with the value they add to the national community and the significance of their work. Charities have an increased responsibility in the care of data with the introduction of the GDPR and need to be meticulous in implementing solid systems to manage their compliance obligations. At Spearline we have created a single platform solution for the management and demonstration of GDPR compliance which Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland will now use in their organisation.”

AADI was set up in 2010 as a response to the number of children with autism in Ireland who urgently need the support of an assistance dog.  AADI’s primary focus is to train and place Autism Assistance Dogs with children with autism who are struggling to cope with the distressing elements of this invisible disability, such as chronic anxiety, sensory overload, self harming and bolting in to the road as the child may be unable to process danger.  AADI have the first and only Autism Assistance Dog Programme in Ireland to achieve the exceptional Assistance Dogs International accreditation. The charity provide their life changing service completely free of charge to families and are reliant on the kindness of individuals and corporations to change the world for children with autism across Ireland.

Spearline won SME Cork Company of the Year 2018 at the Cork Company of the Year Awards run by Cork Chamber. Since then Spearline have grown staff numbers and product offerings as well as acquiring a landmark building in Skibbereen to house the increasing team.   Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland is proud to affiliate with Spearline who are a wholly Irish owned company with a global footprint working with some of the world’s largest brands.

For more information, or to request a Spearline Data Protection, visit www.spearline.com email contactus@spearline.com or call 1800 851266



Spearline, the world's largest phone number testing software provider, was established in 2003 and has a global presence in 60 countries, working with some of the world’s most influential businesses. In 2017 they innovated in response to the growing demand for data protection software solutions with the onset of GDPR and in 2018 launched GDPR compliance software Spearline Data Protection. This diversification has Spearline on track to grow staff numbers to 100 by the end of 2018. Spearline was awarded Cork Company of the Year 2018 at the annual Cork Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner.  Find out more at www.spearline.com

Find out more www.spearline.com/riskandcompliance

About Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland

Established in 2010, Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland train and place assistance dogs with children with autism who are struggling to cope with the sometimes crippling elements of this invisible disability.  We are champions for children with autism, determined to make life better for them and their families through the gift of an assistance dog.

AADI assistance dogs cost €22,000 and two years to train to the high standard critical to ensuring Assistance Dogs International Standards and life changing placement with a child with autism.

Our assistance dogs are trained to

•       Ease difficult transitions to places that would normally be anxiety provoking, such as the supermarket, school, any place outside the child's home

•       Hold position in dangerous situations so that the child cannot bolt.  The child is attached to the dog via a belt which is then linked to the dog’s jacket.  The parent then takes control of the dog by the lead to ensure that the child who is at risk of bolting, remains in a safe place, e.g. can no longer run out into oncoming traffic

•       Can improve a child's communication and concentration skills as they are no longer highly anxious and distraught and so the child can focus on their surroundings, process and learn

•       Provide comfort to children who need tactile support in stressful situations

•       'Meltdowns' reduce as the child now feels safe and has a constant companion

•       Families who before the dog could not go to the shop, to their other children’s activities, to places we take for granted, have a new life.  The dog now enables the family to bring their child out and do normal, everyday things, with full public access. Families no longer live in isolation and avoidance of places that once caused their child such distress

•       The Autism Assistance Dog educates society, helping people to understand that this child has a disability and needs our support and empathy

AADI are fully compliant with the Charities Regulator.

For further information on Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland, visit www.aadi.ie

Follow AADI on Twitter @AutismAsssitanceDogsIrl or facebook.com/Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland

Find out more  www.autismassistancedogsireland.ie

Tina Darb, Content & PR Executive (Risk & Compliance)
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