Significant Measures Needed to Secure Cork Airports Future

Commenting on the future outlook for air connectivity Conor Healy, Cork Chamber CEO said:  
“Cork Airport has grown over 30% in passenger numbers from 2015 to 2019 and has been consistently the fastest growing airport in Ireland. However the numbers for 2020 continue to fall dramatically below the previously forecast growth due to the ongoing pandemic.”
“To ensure that the airport continues to deliver as a strategic infrastructural asset and regional economic driver, significant marketing supports must be put in place for route continuity and development. Capital projects must be supported by Government as they simply cannot be sustained without revenue. Cork Airport is excluded from regional airport support and in the current context it is essential that this is immediately addressed by Government.”
“However, marketing funds and capital supports alone do not represent a solution for continuity of connectivity. Without viable passenger numbers airlines will continue to make cold decisions with an impact that will last for years to come. Once a route or airline is gone, there is little short term prospect of its return. Steps must be taken to support the return of credible levels of passenger volume on our key commercial and tourism routes. Testing of passengers must be put in place to encourage volume and alleviate quarantine restrictions. Healthy passengers could travel safely, creating much needed continuity of connectivity, and improved local business and leisure tourism spend.”
“The European Commission has now set a clear direction for commonality of approach to travel between member states. The Irish Government must be supportive as this proposal moves to the European Council and push for equivalent international agreements to be progressed with urgency. Stability and continuity of approach will be key to the recovery of our international connectivity and to secure Cork Airport's future.”