M20 Delivery Team Meets with Cork and Limerick Chambers of Commerce

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November 05, 2018
M20 Delivery Team Meets with Cork and Limerick Chambers of Commerce to discuss game-changing impact of motorway
The economic importance of progressing the M20 Cork–Limerick motorway without delay has been raised by Cork and Limerick Chambers of Commerce in a meeting with the newly appointed M20 project delivery team in Limerick City and County Council.

This follows a 2017 report commissioned by the two Chambers which led to the M20 being prioritised in Government’s ten-year National Development Plan to 2028.

The findings of the Indecon/Red C report found that the 80km motorway has capacity to trigger 5,400 additional jobs in the region and increase the labour force within a 45-minute commute of major employment centres by 23%. The report also confirmed that the existing N20 between Cork and Limerick has significant capacity constraints that inhibit economic development and compromises safety.

Commenting following the meeting, Conor Healy, Cork Chamber CEO, said: “The M20 is a major project linking two of Ireland’s most progressive city regions. At time of growing international uncertainty, it is critical that we progress this project promptly to improve the competitive environment of Irish business. The M20 has the capacity to positively influence balanced regional development on the island like no other project with 98% of all chamber members across the region favouring its construction.”

Dee Ryan, CEO of Limerick Chamber, added: “The appointment of the project delivery team in Limerick City and County Council is a key milestone in getting this strategic infrastructure moving to unlock new social and economic opportunities along the Atlantic Corridor. We look forward to working with the delivery team and the appointed project contractors to ensure the M20 gets moving as quickly as possible.”