GDPR on the menu for Republic of Work’s 20th November Lunchtime Learning event

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November 14, 2018

Spearline Risk & Compliance are delighted to announce their first collaborative event with Republic Of Work taking place 1pm - 2pm Tuesday 20 November. Lunchtime Learning: Top GDPR concerns for business - How to comply? is a free event for business, presented by Fiona Ryan, Head of Customer Engagement at Spearline Risk & Compliance.

Frank Brennan, General Manager of Republic of Work says "Republic of Work are delighted to welcome Fiona Ryan as part of Lunchtime Learning series. We host these events every Tuesday which cover a variety of topics that can help you and your business whether it be marketing, finances or business management - we have you covered. This week Fiona will be discussing the top concerns surrounding GDPR. The new law was implemented this year and Fiona will be delving into the nitty gritty while showing you how to comply with Article 30 GDPR. The event is open to the public and we encourage anyone interest to please come along."


Ms Ryan is  a certified Data Protection practitioner with a background in the legal, financial and governance sectors, is in daily contact with organisations coming to grips with GDPR. She says “GDPR compliance continues to be a challenge for many businesses. This is for many reasons, some of which may be ambiguity within the regulation, the perception that compliance is a once in time exercise or organisations hesitating to action - the wait and see affect creeping in. I am looking forward to presenting the Republic of Work Lunchtime Learning to share cutting edge information and engage in meaningful dialogue with attendees.”


This  event is for members of the general public as well as  Republic of Work members who want to keep their data protection knowledge up to date. Topics covered during the event are some of the biggest points experienced by businesses in the last few months following the introduction of GDPR.

  • Sensitive Data - What is sensitive data and what measures are businesses expected to take to protect it.

  • Policies - What policies, privacy notices and procedures a businesses requires vis-a-vis privacy regulatory compliance.

  • Data Mapping -  To comply with Article 30 GDPR businesses need to maintain data process and asset inventories identifying owners, purpose, legitimate basis, security, technical and operational attributes and associated risks. We will talk you through what you need to do in practical terms.

  • Vendor Management - Businesses need to ensure that the suppliers and vendors they do business with are themselves compliant with the various privacy regulations.  The evaluations to be conducted extend from contract review, policy and procedure review, capacity assessment, data mapping and risk management.


These subjects are relevant to any professional who deals with data in their jobs and want to be diligent in their GDPR compliance.


Tickets are free and available through Eventbrite. Early booking advisable.

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Fiona Ryan Biog:

Fiona Ryan is Head of Customer Engagement at Spearline Risk & Compliance. Fiona is a certified Data Protection practitioner who has a background in the legal, financial and governance sectors. She has worked on developing the software product Spearline Data Protection from the outset, and subsequently designed and rolled out a managed service offering in conjunction with the software. Fiona is a qualified financial adviser with a  LLB in Irish Law and Masters in Corporate Governance and Management. She is also a Chartered Secretary and a member of the Institute of Bankers and ICSA (Ireland).


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