Cork based agritech start-up ApisProtect met with Minister of State for Training, Skills, Innovation and Research and Development, John Halligan T.D, at UCC to demonstrate how technology can help reduce honeybee losses and increase productivity for beekee

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September 12, 2018

Cork based start-up ApisProtect met with Minister of State for Training, Skills, Innovation and Research and Development, John Halligan T.D, at UCC to demonstrate how technology can help reduce honeybee losses and increase productivity for beekeepers.

Beekeeping has been facing many serious issues in the last decade. Since the late 1990s, a variety of hive problems, honey bee diseases and pests have devastated beehives around the world. Beekeepers manage 91 million beehives worldwide, and they are in trouble.  In some regions, up to 50% of hives are dying annually.  Losses on this scale are materially reducing the profitability of beekeeping globally and driving beekeepers out of the industry. 

ApisProtect was founded in 2017, aiming to create a science- driven solution to improve the yield of commercial beekeeping. ApisProtect uses IoT (Internet of Things) technology, including in-hive sensors and long-range wireless communication, to monitor the health of honey bees in beehives. 

Using collected data, together with big data and machine learning techniques, ApisProtect provides actionable insights and alerts to help beekeepers prevent losses and increase productivity in their colonies. 

Dr Fiona Edwards Murphy, ApisProtect’s CEO and co-founder, has developed a scientifically proven solution to help beekeepers reduce losses and increase productivity. ApisProtect secured E125, 000 investment from The Yield Lab Europe and Enterprise Ireland.  

Dr Fiona Edwards Murphy is a PhD graduate of University College Cork. ?Her postgraduate research, in both the School of BEES and the School of Engineering was on sensors in beehives to monitor internal conditions in hives. After a broadcast on national airwaves on her project, the demand from beekeepers for technology that she developed, led Dr Edwards Murphy to set up ApisProtect as a start-up company which is based in Cork and already employing six people in the Agritech space. 

Dr Edwards Murphy's work has received many national and international awards from the Irish Research Council, The IEEE, IBM, The Irish Laboratory Awards, Google and the Global Entrepreneurship Summit. 

Photo: Professor Andrew Wheeler, UCC, Dr Padriag Whelan, CSO ApisProtect, Dr Fiona Edwards Murphy, CEO ApisProtect and Minister Halligan

Photo Credit: Rob Lamb 

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