City Businesses Grappling with Another Damaging Flood

Conor Healy, Cork Chamber CEO, speaking in the wake of today’s flooding, said;
“We cannot go on allowing our best approach to be based on luck. We are once again grappling with the devastating effects of spring tides, wind and rain on our City centre, and at a time when businesses are already under incredible stress and pressure with Level 5 Covid restrictions coming into play. Had the Morrisons Island flood defences been in place, today’s flooding would not have occurred, as opposed to our current situation which is based on a hope and prayer. We have a solution, and we must start making progress. The Lower Lee Flood Relief Scheme is ready to go.”
“Along with protecting against flooding events like that seen this morning, the flood relief scheme for the City will see over 3 km of our historic masonry quay wall cleaned, repointed and restored, along with new plazas, river access, riverfront walkways and civic amenities. It has been extensively consulted on, revised and enhanced in direct response to feedback and inputs received.”
“This investment will enable us as a region to live in harmony with our maritime setting, instead of in opposition. We are now in a place where Morrison’s island is undergoing a challenge in the high court. There is no two ways about it, we must start adapting our infrastructure to meet growing climate challenges, protecting our heritage and our city centre and doing so in a way that invites new life and livelihoods.”
In concluding, Mr. Healy stated “This current chapter in the ongoing flooding of Cork City centre is catastrophic. The scheme is supported by the business community, City Council, the OPW and Government and we must move forward and start progressing solutions.”