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About Us aim to have free drinking water access while outside our homes within 400m of anywhere you are in Ireland, ultimately making us a refill oriented nation once again with respect to drinking water.

In 2017, built a national ‘TAP MAP’ that allows the public to easily find locations for water refills with their reusable water bottles for free. There are now more than 1,500 locations around the country. The TAP MAP is a network of friendly local businesses & outdoor taps, all the water is mains lines water & is either self- serve or staff serve. Once you see the window sticker or find the location on the map, you’re good for that next hydrating refill!! Online we aim to be that one-stop shop for everything that’s needed to remove plastic from your home, school, business and community. We offer a range of zero-waste events packages, reusable water bottles, water coolers & much more.

We're highlighting the simple, cost effective & convenient alternative of drinking water without single-use plastic water bottles. have installed x5 Hydration Hubs in high footfall locations in Dublin & Cork to date where the public can refill for free with filtered tap water. We offer a one of it’s kind innovative service designed for events such as runs/food fairs etc where we provide the drinking water plastic free. We can't resist refurbs of old street hydrants too.

It’s an empowering action to be able to take something you own, fill it how you please & be independent from the giants of the industry, if you wish through using our natural sustainable resources.

Images Hydration Hub - Indoor wall Dispenser Hydration Hub - Counter-Top Hydration Hub - Community School - If your school purchases 500 reusable water bottles from us, the school will be awarded a free water dispenser.
Refurbished Street Hydrant - check out our TAP MAP. TAP MAP location.
Find free access to drinking water when outside of home.
Refill Ireland Mobile Hydration. events - check out our website for full details. hosting a zero-waste event. School event. Stainless Steel reusable bottles - Request your company logo & colours.
Refill Ireland - Awardees of the Sustainable Cork Fund with Rethink Ireland & Cork Chamber of Commerce.
Refill Ireland