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As coaches, we are interested in what makes people successful and fulfilled, and how they overcome the thoughts that can limit and unbalance them.
Basically, we do three things: we listen, we ask questions to understand and we challenge the things that strike us. We don’t give advice or opinions – we just give you space to think about the things you want to change. You’d be surprised how empowering that can be to have someone actually listen to you!
We work with young people, young professionals, companies, educational institutions and leaders. We run training events and workshops in coaching skills and in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and we also coach individuals and teams (where we engage the DISC model to uncover how teams operate). We engage in Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness and other key skills that the future workplace will demand.
Our work covers several countries: recently we worked with a young people’s charity in Germany pre-lockdown and have developed partnerships with universities in Dubai and Istanbul. We’re currently running a series of webinars for government departments in UAE. We are very keen to build our business in and around Cork.
One thing we hear everywhere from adults is that they wish they had had a coach when they were young! They feel that they would have made very different decisions.
Two questions for you:
- What do you really want in life,..and…
- What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?
If you’d like to explore these with us, we are happy to set up a trial coaching session or webinar free of charge, so you can see how it


We are GE Coaching
Ed Peters, Director, Performance Coach, NLP Practitioner and DISC Practitioner
Gulsen Dikme, Company Secretary, Master NLP Practitioner, Coach
We work with individuals, groups and organisations, and speak at events - here in  Istanbul in Feb 20
We are members of the Association for NLP,  the Association for Coaching
We work with people who want to gain control in their life and work
We support people to understand their own behaviours, and those of their teams
We help people prepare for the Workplace of the Future
We work across several countries, including Turkey, Germany, India and UAE
So, what do you really want? You make the decisions, your coach just gives you space and perspective