About Us

Mary Cummins is a Career Change & Transition Coach with a particular expertise in strengths-based coaching. Having worked in various positions and settings over many years Mary has witnessed the impact of workplace difficulties and people’s dissatisfaction with their roles. Recognising the negative impact on their happiness and general wellbeing has prompted Mary’s passion in supporting others to find career fulfilment and satisfaction. Whether you are returning to work following family duties, stressed out or burned out in your current role, wanting to stretch yourself and do something different, whatever your reason for wanting to change, it will mean stepping out of your comfort zone, and taking that first courageous step on your change journey. Through her personal and professional experience, Mary will support you with those first steps, empowering you to transition and orientate yourself towards a successful change, be that doing a different role in the same organisation to doing something completely new. Her approach is caring, empathic and non-judgemental and she will afford you a safe space to reflect, explore options and plan for action.

CV’s, LinkedIn Profile & Interview coaching: CV - Mary will assist you capture your key skills and achievements, demonstrating how you can add value, and significantly increase your chances of being called for interview. She will help you with your LinkedIn profile highlighting what makes you unique and how to get noticed. She will support you with interview preparation & performance greatly increasing your chances of success.