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Free Installation and Week's Free Trial of BIBO Water Dispenser
Never have to order water again... Never run out of water.. Control contamination and save money on your electricity bill.
So what is BIBO?

BIBO are a stylish UV Light Carbon filtered Instant Hot and Cold water dispenser connected to your mains water supply. 

With touchscreen capabilities, controlled contamination and customisable to any colour scheme, we are the perfect accompaniment to your workplace and the best solution of drinking water for your employees.

Automatically refilling as you dispense water from it, you will never run out and it’s always ready to go!

The BIBO Business Package is less then €12 per week and you will receive;

*One week trial period

*Free BIBO Engineer installation

*Instant boiling or chilled filtered water

*Controlled contamination 

*Water Intake Programme for all employees

*Service visit every 6 months which includes changing your filters, worth over €125

*Employee buying 10% Discount

*Priority repair service

Call us now on 021 429 7831to arrange your Free Trial. 
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phone: (021) 429-7831
Offer Valid: August 17, 2018August 16, 2019
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